Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thank you Sherria!

I was just sent these wonderful photos by a fabulous customer of mine. I had the pleasure of designing some custom pieces for her wedding. Anytime that a client sends me wedding pictures I really treasure them. There is just something magical about seeing the entire vision and how all these details are gathered together to create one unique event.

Sherria, I enjoyed working with you very much. You are such a nice person and you can even see your warmth in these pictures. Thank you for sharing!

Sherria and Brock - Married April 9th 2009
Just gorgeous!

Sherria asked me to create a set for her using silver satin with magenta accents. We worked together to come up with her own custom ring pillow and flower girl basket set. I also had the privilege of making the flower for her hair.

Here is the flower girl and she is so elegant and poised. The magenta dress with the light silver accent sash just pops and brings the whole look together. She even has a coordinating bracelet!
The design concept photo of the flower girl basket.

Oh he is BEAMING! What a handsome little gentleman. Could this picture be any cuter? I submit that it can not. His smile is truly contagious and wonderful!

Here we have the rings.

The flower that graced the top of the ring pillow.

So for the finale I present this last image. I am in love with this photo. The festive energy and composition just intrigues me. You can imagine the event and the laughter. I think it is a beautiful snapshot of a moment in life that goes by in a flash but is planned for so extensively. Sherria thank you again for allowing this little peek into such an intimate event. -Marie

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