Thursday, July 16, 2009


I have some brand new customer photos to share! I would say that this is my favorite part about what I do. I just love these little glimpses into the weddings that I provided a tiny detail for. I always wonder what the whole picture looks like after I create these accessories and how they fit into the wedding design puzzle. Let's take a peek shall we?

Kristy told me that this beautiful flower girl was very careful to only drop one petal at a time along this very long walk. Looks like she did an exceptional job indeed!

Kristy and Russ with their flower girl. So adorable! I have some fabulous links for you guys to check out. There are so many other pictures of this couple that are amazing! Click here and click here to visit Cheyenne Schultz Photography out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Thank you Kristy for sending me these pictures, you really made my day!

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