Monday, November 30, 2009


I love the details in architecture. I am a big, big fan. Now it is completely true that I don't know much about it. I couldn't tell you the exact influence or date of construction based on motif and style. Not that it's not interesting to me but these are not things that I have taken the time to study. Too busy making ring pillows. No, instead I marvel at the beauty and mystery and speculate about what is trying to be communicated. Is it merely a beautiful artistic arrangement or is the griffin wall panel I am looking at originally created with symbolic meanings rooted in Greek mythology? I don't know that for sure, but I know it is spectacular!

Griffins and lions often turn my head. Secretly I wish I could chisel and remove almost every example that I see and take it home to my personal secret treasure trove. Instead I manage to restrain myself and take a picture, skillfully avoiding not only property damage but also jail time.
On a recent trip to Victoria BC I saw some gorgeous buildings. These are some of the sights that caught my eye. I could walk forever in cities like this. Always ready to discover what artful suprise is waiting around the next corner. Wondering if it could possibly top what I last deemed as my absolute favorite.
Speaking of favorites, when I did get to visit New York and take a walk around Central Park you can only imagine how far my jaw dropped when I came upon the Bethesda Terrace Stairs. This picture was the wallpaper on my phone for at least a year. I can't wait until I get to visit again.

So, I think I have outlined a little about one of my weaknesses. I do this to introduce a couple design embellishments that are not common in bridal pieces but we are the sum of our experiences and outlook. Since making bridal accessories is what I do there is a natural connection for me to incorporate them. Even if they never get put up for sale because I can't bring myself to actually part with them.
Oh and I also want to mention an incredible artist I came across. If you're like me and you enjoy these architectural elements but you also enjoy your freedom from vandalism charges, he is your guy. Creating hand cast replicas of the real thing. You can learn more about Randall Dana and his work here. Tell him I sent you and he won't know what you are talking about. So maybe you shouldn't, that might be awkward and I wouldn't want your relationship to start off on the wrong foot.

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palmettodreamsphotography said...

I love the details in your photographs! I am a fan too, like you, I could not tell anyone the arts' history!