Wednesday, December 16, 2009


One of my wonderful clients sent me these pictures today. When I opened them my eyes immediately turned misty. I will admit that I am a bit of a romantic softy. My client pictures are one of the things about my business that I look most forward to. Every piece that I create is special to me and to see them at the ceremony brings me a lot of joy.

Ashlee first contacted me in April about creating a custom pillow and baskets for her wedding. We settled on a design concept of a pearl box sent to me by Ashlee that was to be temporarily attached to the top of a ring bearer pillow. If you were to remove the box it would reveal genuine freshwater pearl flowers on top of a silk bow.

Just look at this image! My favorite thing about this picture is the expression on the ring bearer's face. It is absolutely priceless.

The flower girls are equally sweet in their floral halos, perfect dresses and adorable shoes. These little girls had double duty with not only flower girl baskets but also a ringing bell. I love the woman peeking out from behind the wall on the right. These little snapshots tell a whole story.
You could not ask for a better client than Ashlee. She is a wonderful person and was a real joy to work with. Also as a quick note, Ashlee and William are featured on the Kenneth Poole website under the "Real Brides" section. Here is the link to take a peek. Thank you Ashlee for sending me these pictures! You and William make it look effortless and it was an honor to work with you.

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