Monday, April 19, 2010


Every Spring there is the excitement of seeing all the new flowers pop up everywhere. It's as if the earth has exploded with color to trumpet the coming of longer, warmer days. A time when I get a little bounce in my step thinking about all the upcoming adventures to be had and shared with the people I love. This also is a time of great inspiration for Emici Bridal. Wedding season is in full swing now and there will be no shortage of new beginnings to create for.
I don't know if you are supposed to cut all the flowers of your hellebore plant but I guess I am a floral rebel this year. Plus it really should have seen this coming when it only produced two stalks of flowers. Oh well, I am sure that one of us will learn a valuable lesson here. I guess it's to be determined whether it is me or the plant. P.S. It's usually not the plant.

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