Monday, July 12, 2010


For me it all starts with an email from a potential client. Then the love story unfolds from there. This is Stephanie and she recently sent me an email with the link to the blog of her photographer so I could see these gorgeous pictures of her wedding. Let me tell you, Stephanie is so nice and was wonderful to work with. I created her custom bridal sash from dupioni silk, silk chiffon, rhinestone and Swarovski crystals tailored to her request. She looks so radiant!

The very talented photographer is Inbal Sivan. There are many more photos to look at of this ceremony and the reception if you click here. Prepare for the aahhs and ooohs. Thank you so much Stephanie for sharing with me!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Marie. I am Stephanie"s mom. I must say that you and Stephanie did create a most beautiful heirloom!! Your work is amazing!I followed the creation by email and phone. The final results were stunning.The flowers were the most gorgeous I have ever seen. Steph's seamstress taught me how to tie a double bow!It was long enough, and we didn't want to shorten it. I thought it was gorgeous! What do you think? I work with brides everyday, and have given them more ideas.
The sache was truly a focal point and so beautiful on Steph. Couldn't take your eyes off of her. TAHNKS SO MUCH!!!! I have already told many about you.
Wishing you continued success!