Monday, August 9, 2010


Luly Yang Couture. What can I write about such an incredible place? I have been thinking of this blog post for some time now. Number one, the clothing is incredible and I think that is an understatement. How do you describe creativity in design that blurs the line from fantasy to reality? Truly, works of art are what hang on the racks. Above is her signature monarch butterfly dress. This gown is where it all started for her and represents her metamorphosis into fashion.

I wandered into Luly Yang Couture one day unprepared for the wave of inspiration that was about to wash over me. I know that I was quite vocal about my immediate admiration for the articles there and it took just about all of my strength to not really go over the top and to maintain, as my mother would say, my "inside voice". After that I knew I had to go back but first I wanted to present something to Luly to illustrate my admiration for her work.

Let me tell you it is very difficult to design something for somebody that has given you so much inspiration and has personally created so many fabulous things. I wanted to make something that was beautiful and would hopefully be a bit of a surprise to her. I was honored to be able to meet with Luly in her boutique and present what I had specifically designed for her. She took the bouquet in her hands and turned it to view from all angles. With much anticipation I waited for her verdict on whether or not she liked it. She asked me what the name was and I told her it did not have a name yet. She said with a smile, "It is the Luly Bouquet" and I happily agreed. She is gracious, generous and a pleasure to visit with.

Many hours go into each of these works of art with hand picked fabrics that are grouped together and then cut, formed, embellished and added to the silk wrapped stems. I used blush, champagne and ivory silks to create this arrangement. I am thrilled to say that you can view this bouquet in person in her Seattle boutique. Each flower boasts centers that sparkle with a few genuine freshwater pearls here and there to add a bit of interest. It is named The Luly Bouquet after her of course. Please click here to visit I want to take a moment to sincerely thank Luly, Katherine and the rest of the staff for the wonderful time that I had visiting and for the immense joy it has been to work with them.
Photo credit to Alena777 and outlier on Flickr for the Luly Yang dress display photos.

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OMG that butterfly dress is insane!
LOVE the bouquet as always;) Twin!