Monday, October 4, 2010


Here are the new ruffle ring pillows! Some got a little ruffle and some got a lot but I think that is the nature of design. You just go with it and see what comes up. All of these are one of a kind designs since the silk ruffles are hand dyed and placed.

Bold purple silk pillow for your rings. This striking color combo packs quite a dramatic punch.

Teal dupioni silk with the green to blue hand dyed ombre silk ruffle. The center boasts a pretty floral rhinestone design.

Larger than the teal pillow is this square lavender one. You can see the pretty color variance that you obtain with the dye process. Measures about 8 inches square.

The pink pillow from the original sneak peek. I don't know what it is about pink but it's always a color that I am drawn to. When I was a little girl I wanted a pink corvette and a pink house. That is probably when it all started. Luckily for my neighbors, I have grown out of those aspirations but the lure of pink still lingers on for me.

The classic champagne and ivory dupioni combo. This is one of the pillows that got more ruffle than others. I paired this pillow with a leaf and flower rhinestone design and also placed the ruffle across rather than diagonal. Hope you enjoy this mini collection! Leave a comment with your thoughts or let me know which one is your favorite!


Brenda's Wedding Blog said...

Wow, these new ruffle ring pillows are gorgeous Marie! You've totally outdone yourself yet again. I can't even pick out a favorite color combo, I love them all. Congrats on a great new collection.

Alicia@CharityWedding said...

I LOVE that dark purple! The richness of the colors is stunning. But like you, I am still drawn to the pink!

honeycombveils said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous!!
You know my feelings about colors... We should all just do colorful collections!! The purple one is my favorite - so fab.