Friday, December 3, 2010


Present shopping is about to really get going so I thought it would be fun to create a little collection of some of my favorite things this year. Let's get right to it!

One: I have been rather obsessed with these fabulous wood bowls lately. Every one is different and I love the natural beauty. Available from J&L Woodturning.
Two: Blown Glass Ornament Ball - Mirror Silver Blue from Wolf Art Glass.
Three: Adorable Donald Cards-4 with envelopes from Amber Alexander. This shop is so much fun to look through. My favorite part is the stories that go along with the art.
Four: 5-piece Nesting Bowl from Hodoka Pottery.

One: Penhaligons Ellenisia perfume available here. I use this all the time.
Two: Vintage rhinestone brooches. Can you really have too many? No.
Three: Tahitian pearls. The lure of these is everlasting.
Four: Swarovski puts out a unique crystal ornament every year. These are perfect to give to new parents as a keepsake.

One: Tazo Berryblossom White Tea is delicious and so good for you. Try it iced!
Two: Pumpkin Ginger Sandwich Cookies from Whimsy and Spice.
Three: Gourmet Toffee Hot Cocoa from Teton Cocoa Company.
Four: These little felted birds may not be food but they look sweet enough to eat. Available here.
So which one of these gifts would you want most?

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Jo from Peacock Invitations said...

Those nest bowls! TO DIE FOR!! Love the color:)