Tuesday, March 1, 2011



Woke up this morning to more snow and as I write this it continues to fall. It's quite beautiful, the way it blankets everything in white and hushes all the sounds. Pretty hard to believe that it is March 1st. This photo sums up today for me. All white background as my thoughts race to pink peonies and their lush petals. Quite the contradiction on this snowy day.

These peonies are handmade out of silk satin fabric and centered with rhinestone details. You can special order your own set in a custom color also.


Melina said...

I just love the flowers on your site! I can't believe you got snow! I just know that March has a snow day up its sleeve here in Northern VA lol.

La Vie Le Gage Couture Events Wedding Planning said...

Just Stunning! Could you let me know where the pedestal is from? I love this prop that the floral is in!

Emici Bridal said...

Certainly! The vase is a Lalique Elizabeth and it is on top of a glass riser that is 4" square.