Friday, April 15, 2011


I see you there stronger than you seem.

Shrouded in chiffon, the love you bring.


The new collection is here! This time I wanted to present you with a lot of raw edge silks for something a little different. The way the edge feathers out is really intriguing and adds so much visual interest. Speaking of lots of visual interest you will see as you progress through these designs that rhinestones and pearls add lots of sparkle and glitz. Let's just say that no new Emici Bridal creation was spared from this glorious fate. Above you see the Alison ring pillow, also available in bridal white but shown here in ivory. The center is heavily jeweled with rhinestones, Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls.


The Jasmine luxe satin ribbon bridal sash with a heavenly layered cream silk chiffon and silk satin bow that is jeweled with rhinestones, genuine freshwater pearls and Swarovksi crystals.



These Juliet vintage alencon lace ring bearer pillows have a layer of sheer silk chiffon over the lace so the pattern is more muted than other lace pillows. It adds a softness to the pillow that is an unexpected suprise. I paired this with a bow created out of raw edge dupioni and chiffon topped with a rhinestone design. Also available with feathers as shown below.



Ah the softness of the Anna bridal fascinator. Silk satin, silk chiffon and ostrich feathers combine for a tempting combination. Also available in bridal white, blush and champagne.


Champagne anyone? Silk chiffon and silk satin bow Fawna fascinator with feather detail and the coordinating Daphne bridal sash. Both are beaded with rhinestones and genuine freshwater pearls.


The Monica ring bearer pillow shown here in champagne coordinates with many pieces in this new collection. With its off center bow it could steal the show. Also available in ivory and bridal white.



Meet Lola. What Lola wants, Lola gets. Such a unique ribbon headband for the blushing bride. This also can double as a choker or you can special order the bow piece as a brooch to add anywhere you like. Created out of silk satin and ivory silk chiffon with pink freshwater pearls added to the rhinestones. Also available in bridal white, ivory and champagne.


The first Emici Bridal statement necklace that also doubles as the most amazing headband. This is Caroline. Fluttery silk chiffon and silk satin that is heavily jeweled with rhinestones, freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals the sparkle on this piece is non stop. You can also special order this in other colors such as ivory or platinum to name a couple. Shown here in bridal white. This beading is also available for bridal sashes as a special order!


I hope you enjoy the latest additions to Emici Bridal. Please don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you!


Phyllis {My Wedding Concierge} said...

Oh.My.Gosh. Marie!!! You've outdone yourself! Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!

Alicia@CharityWedding said...

So unbelievably gorgeous! I just want to live in your studio!!! I can not wait to see someone wear that statement necklace!

Alison @ The Knotty Bride said...

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH You know why I'm excited!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Brenda's Wedding Blog said...

As, always - another stunning collection Marie - every single piece is truly exquisite - I LOVE every single one. Amazing designs!!!! Congrats on the launch.

tilleyjewels said...

Simply gorgeous, Marie! You've totally outdone yourself with this collection. Everything I see just gets better and better--impossible to pick a favorite :)

Gracefully Girly said...

Lovely, all of it!!! I wish I could meet this Lola, in person. If she were as wonderful as a human as she is in fabric and jewel form she'd be awesome!

Krissy167 Make Believe'N said...

Holy smokes Marie!!!! Lola is a stunner.

La Vie Le Gage Couture Events Wedding Planning said...

Hold me back...get out of my way!!!!
Stunning, creative, soft, oozzzing romance, and Wowwwwwww!!
I am posting this on my FB page so more women can swoon!
I might just have to tell my client's they are wearing one of these!
I love the Lola and the new necklace!
I wish you all the best with this new collection and hopefully I will get to see one soon in person!!!!

Joyce Goeppinger

Aleah + Nick Valley said...

Wow, Marie! You've really done it! I want my very own statement necklace! This is all breathtaking. Stunning. Wow!