Tuesday, September 20, 2011


When I dream up a design idea the immediate payoff is my concept coming to life, holding it in my hands and feeling like its time in the studio has come to an end. The second part (my favorite) is that I know it has a whole new life meant for it now. Everytime a box is packed I picture the person opening it, that is when the new life for my designs begins. There are so many beautiful weddings and happy events that I get to be a part of this way. Here is just one of those stories.


Meet Amber and Adam. Amber wrote me asking for a custom purple silk flower bouquet and shared that she and her soon to be husband Adam were flying to Ireland to elope at the stunning Ashford Castle. Her custom bouquet would be a part of the select few things they would take for this beautiful expression of their love together. Imagine how happy I was when she sent me these gorgeous photos! I feel supremely lucky to have client photos sent to me. These are so precious and I truly adore each and every one.


Amber described her time in Ireland as magical and I can certainly see it in these images. The photographer is Pink Posh Photography based out of Austin Texas. You can check out her website here. Thank you so much Amber for sending me these photos and giving me the honor of working with you for your magical wedding!

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Mariae said...

The bouquet was absolutely stunning!!! Their wedding blog is here if you would like to see more of the bouquet in "action!" http://pinkposhphotography.blogspot.com/2013/03/amber-adam-married.html

~Mariae (Pink Posh Photography)