Friday, September 23, 2011



If you were able to catch a couple of my other posts you may know that I love to hear the story of my clients. The natural progression of creating something is wondering about where it is destined to be once its time in the studio is over.


These pieces are intended for the wedding of Nicole and Dan who live in Seattle. Nicole's known story starts out in a way that is pretty amazing. Nicole is originally from Korea where, when she was about three years old, a policeman carried her into the White Lily Orphanage to live. No story is available about where she came from or why she was taken there in the first place. She was soon adopted by an American couple. Many events have taken place since then to bring her to where she is today and this fall she will be returning to that orphanage in Korea to be married to Dan. There will be a beautiful reception after they return to Seattle for friends and family that could not travel to Korea.


Now Dan happens to be an amazing artist and he drew this picture for their wedding announcements. Art and stories of love. Not sure if there is anything more powerful than that.

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La Vie Le Gage Couture Events Wedding Planning said...

Intense! Full of emotion, this picture he drew.
Joyce Goeppinger