Thursday, January 19, 2012



Yesterday I wrote on Facebook that this is what happens when you leave me alone in a room with silk chiffon, feathers, sterling silver wire, gemstones, rhinestones, ribbon and french net. Don't say I didn't warn you! Part of the new collection that will debut in Feb.

A little more in depth information about this piece is that the flowers are two shades of hand dyed silk chiffon that is then pressed into these beautiful blooms. I wanted to add more detail that radiates out from the center so I used some hand wired sprigs of sterling silver wire and crystal quartz drops paired with two kinds of blush feathers. The headband itself is wrapped with silk satin ribbon. Do you see the french net hidden in there? It also has some crystal quartz detail.

It's no secret that I am crazy for blush. It was my hope that by immersing myself in this fabulous color I might quench my thirst for it but I am not sure that it's working. Seems I love it even more!

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