Saturday, February 23, 2013


 Recently I brought a new lady into the Emici Bridal studio. She is lovely and extremely patient with me and my finicky design moments, even at their most extreme. Naturally, it makes perfect sense to give her a proper name. I asked anybody who would listen what they thought her name should be. Thank you to all who played the name game with me here, on Twitter and Facebook. You make life fun. After a while I settled upon what I thought contained her essence. Friends, I present to you  
Meme Francesca.

Now you will see me referring to Meme Francesca wearing certain pieces. Take the photo above for example. There you will see Meme Francesca wearing Gala. A pretty piece from the new Emici Bridal collection coming soon. Gala is designed to be used as a sash or headband but you know it would not have to stop there. Anywhere you want Gala, Gala can be.

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