Wednesday, June 19, 2013


What is one of the most important elements of something you create? It's not only what you see, it's what you transport the client to feel emotionally. That connection they make with a piece upon learning something special about its conception. A great deal of behind the scenes work goes into an image like the one of Centifolia that you see below. Every design story is different but these are some of the latest from me to you.
The silk chiffon for ivory Centifolia is hand dyed in small batches. Then the fabric is treated in my own special millinery solution. This makes the silk chiffon used for this style highly resistant to fraying. Sure, it takes longer but the results are completely worth it. Silk velvet that was carefully chosen for hue and softness is backed by a heavy silk satin before being pressed. 

The inspiration for these pieces started in New York. I live on the other side of the country from New York so this was quite the trip for me. Walking around the NYC Garment District when you have a limited amount of time can be quite frantic. You want to find the very best of what you are looking for in a short amount of time. Many of the stores close fairly early, around 5 in the evening and several are not open on the weekend. GASP! I am the type of person that wants to see everything and in a place like New York that is just not possible. So... what to do? First of all. You thank your lucky stars that you are there and then you execute your well thought out plan of attack.
The jaw dropping lace used in the Artemesia crown above and below (same piece) is vintage French chantilly from my New York sourcing trip. I can tell you that when my eyes fell upon this lace it was love at first sight. Hand wired rhinestone accents are paired with freshwater pearls for interest. Silk trim runs down the center and meets with 100% silk taffeta ribbon ties. All the components for this came from six different places. Often I do not know exactly where I am going when I start a piece. This was one of my favorite things to see develop. Adore.

Rania rhinestone headband shown below was more about a simple, elegant touch of sparkle. The silver grosgrain ribbons are threaded with real silver strands to add an element of shimmer that plays with light in the most gorgeous way.


The Gala Sash is my most recent departure into something playful that is designed to be used in different ways. As a sash, this piece is understated garden elegance. As a headband it soars above as playful and bold. Silk grosgrain ribbons are soft as can be. Silk velvet leaves backed in silk satin frame the hand dyed silk flower that is centered with a large Swarovski rhinestone button.

This piece... where do I start? First off. The color floors me. I adore blush and champagne hues. I don't know what it is about them. They are so kind to my eye and I can't seem to get enough. This style uses Swarovski buttons that are no longer available so as shown, blush Centifolia is a very rare darling.

Constellation gets its name from its form. It reminded me of the stars. Each freshwater pearl serves as an anchor to the design like stars in the sky. Experimentation with hand wired rhinestones collided with vintage French silk trim. One of a kind and whimsical party ready.

Rosier comb. Baby pink meets grown up. Hand dyed silk chiffon and silk organza create small ruffled blooms. Swarovski rhinestone buttons make another appearance for polish.

The Provence Chantilly Lace Headband. One of a kind. Vintage French chantilly lace forms the base for this stunner. Two blooms of hand dyed silk chiffon are off centered for a Bohemian flair. Feather light silk ribbons that dance on air serve as the ties. Handwired freshwater pearl clusters pin down vintage lace trim that runs down the center.

Constellation in an ivory version as pictured on Meme Francesca. The unpaid but loved resident in the Emici Bridal studio.

The Nava headband has hand dyed satin face silk petals that rest upon vintage lace trim. Small silk velvet leaves frame two pearl and rhinestone centered blooms to provide a tapered effect on this headband.
Aspasia is one of a kind headband with a silk organza bloom framed in various silk velvet leaves. Off to one side is a demure hand dyed silk chiffon bloom. Easy to miss, this detail is a tribute to adding something for people who look at things just a little bit closer.

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