Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Jawnie has won! Congrats Jawnie! I will email you back to get your shipping info. Happy Summer of Love! xo


Hey kids, gather round! It's summer vacation so don't worry, this isn't a regular pop quiz. It's an Emici Bridal Pop Up Giveaway! Crazy right? The Emici Bridal Summer of Love strikes again. Well if you are reading this you have a chance to win right NOW! Be the first to contact me and you win. That is it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Only the fastest one to contact me can win so please get to it! 

The Pop Up Giveaway prize is a beautiful silver silk velvet clip with a Swarovski rhinestone center. You can clip this to anything! Use it in your hair on the ribbon that it comes with (which will be a surprise color) or an evening clutch. Heck, maybe you even need a pretty blossom for that lampshade that needs an extra oomph. You know the one. It's been staring you in the face relentlessly, begging for help, propped up on that lamp that thinks it is too good for it in the corner. Boy if you had this flower it would really do a big favor for that lampshade, it would owe you a giant favor. Disclaimer: I really am not this crazy. Yes I am.

If you are seeing this and the winner is already announced above, fear not my friend! There is another giveaway here still going until August 2nd.
The Emici Bridal Summer of Love is always happy to see you.

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