Friday, September 13, 2013


Friends! Oh my goodness, here it is. The very last Emici Bridal Summer of Love Giveaway is now over. To everybody who participated in them, thank you so much! It was amazing to be able to host them and I have some surprises in store for you over fall and winter so it is the sincere hope of this lady writing to you now that you come back and check them out.

I learned something new during this giveaway. I didn't know that my blog has a 5000 comment limit for posts. Good to know, good to know. The next set of giveaways will have a different entry system but this was a warm embrace of comment love and I can't help but feel like I want to give away more than one prize.
As this giveaway was structured that each comment was an entry it became very clear that there were a couple lovely ladies who were going to do all they could to prevail with the pretty little ring pillow. So much comment love was left for me. I think I will be able to sustain myself on their sweet goodness for the entire winter and for that I am grateful.

I plugged 1 - 5000 into the random number generator and nervously clicked generate. Yes! I was so nervous! Incredibly happy that I get to have a program choose for me. My attachment to all the comments would make it very difficult for me to pick only one. I do read all the comments and each is dear to me. All right, time to find out the winner... aaaaand it is Melissa Leal!!! But wait, there's more!

To my sweet Charee who left so many comments for me. Click here and send me a note ok? I have a little something special for you as well.

Congratulations Melissa!! Please contact me by clicking on this link and sending me a message so I can get your shipping information within 48 hours to claim your beautiful silk dupioni and silk velvet ring pillow! If you don't, the prize will need be awarded to a runner up! Can't wait to hear from you! 

Thank you so much to EVERYBODY who participated in this giveaway. More to come and I hope to see everybody back here very soon! Want to keep up with the latest? You can follow me on Twitter and like Emici Bridal on Facebook for all the current Emici Bridal news and designs. Send me a message, tweet me or write in the sky with smoke signals. Anyway you choose I would love to hear from you.

XO -Marie


Charee said...

Congrats Melissa!

Melissa Leal said...


Thanks Charee! :) Does your hand hurt as much as mine does? lol

Marie, thanks so much for the beautiful giveaway! I'm so excited!