Thursday, October 10, 2013


I have been chasing new memories lately and tackled some pretty wonderful ones while doing so. The end of summer is always a bit hectic in my mind because I know there is an urgency to enjoy the rest of the warm days before they make their way to the bottom of the hourglass but I also love to create and getting ideas out before they dissipate is a strong desire as well. It's a battle of the beloved titans in my head. One I will gladly take every time.

The Dixie. Pretty little details come together to create this light and daintily detailed floral bridal white headband.

Love these Mabel flapper inspired hairpieces. Created with antique french chantilly lace that props up rhinestone and freshwater pearl arches. Fluffy ostrich feathers fan out from underneath.


Could this be the something blue that is right for you? These little silk velvet blooms are made in an antique Parisian flower press. Swarovski crystals and light blue freshwater pearls provide the perfect sparkly center. Antique French silk ruched trim. All that is left is in this piece. One of a kind.

I don't think I will ever tire of this shade. It's a magnet to my ultra girly side. Hand dyed silk chiffon is pressed and molded into these signature Emici Bridal flowers. You can see this one here.

Wouldn't be a proper offering if I did not include a large dramatic floral and feather piece. The Della fits the role very nicely I think.

The Mirnia flower comb is created out of hand dyed blush silk fabrics and couture silk velvet leaves lovingly backed in ivory silk satin. Only one of these available. Romance has company now.

 Rhinestone belt over satin ribbon is paired with two hand dyed and pressed flowers. I centered these flowers with rhinestone loops, Swarovski buttons and little pink freshwater pearls. Various feathers come together to lend a more flair to this sash. It's fun anywhere you need it.

Well dear friends, if you know a secret to making your hands work faster please do share. Or perhaps you know how to freeze time in the perfect day to enjoy those moments longer? I guess in a way creating is a way to stop time or at the very least preserve a moment for others to enjoy later. Good talk guys. I think we may just have figured it out.

XO -Marie

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