Thursday, July 30, 2009


There never is enough time in the day to get all the designs that I have brewing in my head made into a physical form. I wish that I could just be a robot with no need for sleep, food or social activities. Okay maybe I would not go that far but you get the idea right? Above is a custom order created out of eggplant silk satin with a gorgeous vintage rhinestone leaf brooch. In person the brooch is stunning and the fabric is so soft. It has a silk strap on the back to help the ring bearer carry the pillow without incident.

This pillow is also sold but I wanted to share one of my favorite design elements with you. I LOVE vintage carved mother or pearl pieces. I think that mother of pearl is one of the most beautiful materials to work with. Look at what beauty Mother Nature has provided us!

Custom bridal white silk flower sash that has been beaded with crystals, rhinestones and pearls. Silk chiffon hand cut petals? Don't mind if I do!

More Luxe Bow ring pillows for your consideration.

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