Friday, July 31, 2009


I was recently able to visit Seattle and while walking along the waterfront down by all the piers I was approached by a man. He said he was from Haiti and began to take some paper and a pen out of his pocket. He had a short beard and long hair. I knew that he was going to ask me for something but I was curious so did not stop him. He asked me if he could make a poem for me from my name. I agreed and told him my name was Marie. M-A-R-I-E he wrote in a vertical line down the side of a small envelope. Very quickly he began to say aloud and write the words he chose on this piece of paper.

Mountain of dreams upon

A bed of

Roses in an

Inner peace and serenity for

Embrace of love

He handed it to me and I was pretty happy to receive it even though I knew that if I accepted there would be an unknown price tag. The creativity was something that I welcomed. I fully expected him to ask for a certain amount but he just stared at me, waiting for me to offer. So what is the going rate for a poem of the name Marie? It is $20.

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