Thursday, August 6, 2009


The time comes in all our lives when we need a sea urchin ring pillow. Look it up, it's a fact. The purple pillow above was matched up to the perfect owner in Australia. I think it is so amazing that I collect these items from all over the map and then they are assembled and shipped all over the map. (How much fun is that!) It is quite the method of distribution. This is made with a real sea urchin and is very delicate. The one below was a special order for a store in Florida and is made with a sturdier faux urchin.

It is also more simple and restrained. The one below is much more complicated and has many elements to look at.

As you can see this has a lot going on. There are two types of ribbon, a sputnik sea urchin, rhinestones, freshwater pearl drop corners that are wrapped with silver glass beads, alencon lace applique, more glass beads on the urchin and so on. I really love the variety of styles that I get to make.

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Andrea Petrille said...

Must! Have! Sea Urchin! Pillow! I am in love with these!!! Gorgeous!