Sunday, January 17, 2010


I was a recipient of a beautiful story during the last giveaway that I did. After Alison was announced the winner there was a comment left for her, it read:

"From one Allyson to another :)
Congratulations on your win, Alison!
On a personal note, my fiance proposed to me using a pillow that he purchased from Emici Bridal. He attached my engagement ring to it, and dropped to one knee *swoon* The pillow is absolutely gorgeous! Stunning workmanship. Everyone who sees it "ooh's and ahh's" every single time. It's now part of our love story, and we plan to feature it prominently on our wedding day :)" -Allyson

Naturally I was touched to read that. My only hope as I create is that people will find joy in it and I am truly happy that I can be a small part of any happy moment for a loving couple. Thank you Allyson for sharing your story. It means the whole world.


Darryl said...

Hi Marie,

My name is Darryl and I am Allyson’s proud new fiancĂ©e.
I used your pillow as an integral part of my proposal.
I proceeded to get our engagement ring , and placed it on your ring bearer pillow.
I entered the room , bent down on one knee ,
and then proposed to my beautiful bride to be.
With tears of joy, she made me the happiest man ever by saying YES!
To see that look on her face meant the world to me.
Your creation helped make it all come together , and I can’t thank you enough.
You are now part of the story of Darryl and Allyson.

With deepest appreciation


Emici Bridal said...

Dear Darryl,

That story just made my eyes well up with tears! That is incredibly meaningful and I am so happy that you shared that with me. I could never write enough to say how much it means. Thank you so much for letting my creation be a part of your love story. Such an honor is something that I will gladly accept.