Thursday, September 1, 2011


What dreams of romance do you delight?

What flights of fancy do you take flight?

Do you walk in gardens laden with blooms,

flitting about to take in the perfume?


I really wanted to depart from the usual with these new items while remaining classic. Of course you start with the best materials available but that is not enough. It needs more, something to set it apart. So I settled on using gemstones for these new offerings. The small flower comb above is handmade out of silk chiffon fabric with sterling silver handwired white topaz sprigs. The center is beaded with crystal quartz, white topaz and rhinestones for even more sparkle.


These fluttery soft chiffon flowers are available in several sizes and for different uses such as sashes and fascinators. They can easily be sewn onto a dress. Don't have time? Just order them as a brooch!


The brand new Lana pleated silk chiffon beaded cuff makes a great statement peice and is also available in champagne, silver, light pink and black. I also will be offering this style as a headband. Fancy a fascinator instead? That brings me to the piece on the right. The Bevin grand sterling silver wire branches of crystal quartz and white topaz gemstones flank a gorgeous soft bloom.


Feathers, flowers and sparkle is such a classic combo. Designing all these pieces and then pairing them made the possibilities endless! Sometimes during the design process you create things that are really concept pieces. The one below is one such piece.


One of a kind Minova flower. This large silk bloom is made out of various silk fabrics. Heavily beaded with dozens of gemstones in the center because I just simply could not stop myself and that is a good thing. One more here and there turned into a lot! Can be used as a hair fascinator or as a sash flower. Off to the next, it's COLOR!


Experimentation in the studio is a beautiful thing and you never really know what you will get. I wanted to create some colored flowers for my brides. These are hand painted to achieve this look. Color slowly fades to soft light ivory. Available with feathers or by themselves, either way a unique addition. If you would like a custom color please contact me, we will have some fun!


Would love to know what you think of these new offerings or if you have a favorite. Please do leave a comment below! There will be lots to look at over the next few days so please check back. Sharing with you is one of my ultimate favorite things!


Brenda's Wedding Blog said...

OH MARIE!!!!! These are exquisite. I LOVE THEM. Absolutely gorgeous as always, but there's something so fresh and exciting about this collection. I just love it.

Alison @TKB said...

You already know this since we've talked extensively HOWEVER I can't resist telling you one additional time that I really, really, really, really, really kinda like all of this new stuff you're bringing out, Marie.