Friday, October 23, 2009


Back in August I had the pleasure of working with Robin to create a one of a kind ring bearer pillow. It turned out fantastic but there is more on that later. Well, time goes by quickly and it seems like I was just working with her yesterday but here are the wedding pictures! She contacted me this week to let me know that her photographer Diana M. Lott had just posted these great pics on her blog. Diana was kind enough to give me permission to post them here also. Enjoy!

This one is very sweet, I love Robin's smile. Not to mention that incredible bouquet!

Oh boy I love their smiles also! These two are incredibly cute and full of sunshine.

Here is the ring bearer pillow expertly held by the ring bearer.

What a beautiful wedding. There are even more pictures to see at the photographer's blog. Click here to see them. Thank you so much Robin for sharing your special day with me. These pictures are amazing and they really showcase the love you two share. I am always honored to be able to create for such happy events and warm people like you. Thank you!

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