Sunday, December 9, 2012


emici bridal blush lace bow
When I saw this antique lace trim I knew it was for me. Didn't know what I was going to make but it was obvious that it should come live in the Emici Bridal studio. So I paid the adoption fee and brought it to its new home. We have been very happy.

emici bridal blush lace bow comb
If feathers are not for you but you love the bow... fear not! The hair comb is also available sans feathers just for you.

Lace bow cuff with a jeweled band over double face velvet ribbon. This velvet ribbon is so yummy it will induce purring. Which is crazy right? I know you're not a cat because you are reading this right now but this bracelet will have you making cat sounds.

The cutest pair of shoe clips that ever was.

One of a kind lace bow headband with golden trim and feathers. The chiffon ribbon used for the band is silk and angel whisper soft both in color and feel.

Beaded band is sewn by hand onto the silk chiffon ribbon and then accented with gold rhinestones. This was a very fun piece to create.

Last on this lacey list is this ultra simple cuff on a very special grosgrain ribbon that has genuine silver threads woven into it providing little winks of light. It compliments the sparkle of the rhinestones so well. They belong together don't you think? Very limited supply on these antique lace bows. If you want to check them out please visit my website here or my Etsy store.

Don't forget to leave a comment below! Which piece is your favorite?

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