Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Excited to finally share this post with you guys! My luckiest girl in the world streak is still going strong. Alison aka The Knotty Bride toted me around with her for a while when I attended Bridal Market in NYC. She took me with her to check out Claire Pettibone's fashion show debuting her romantic new collection. Did I really just write that? Yes.

I am a details girl so this post is about some of the lovely details of the show. First thing, the cookies! I collected my most beautiful cookie while I marvelled at the display. These Orange Spice couture cookies are the work of Sweetambs. I don't think I have ever seen a cookie as beautiful as these. Each one had shimmer and gold accents along with the most delicate details. Edible artistry. 

Everybody was also handed a glass of yummy sparkling wine from One Hope Wine which donates half of its profits to charity. If you like wine you really should check them out.

I was searching for Kristy Rice of Momental Designs as I wanted to finally say hello to her in person. Spotted her and snuck in for my ambush introduction. All the booklets for the show were designed and hand painted by Kristy Rice. Such beautiful and unique work, love each brush stroke. 
They were all bound with a pale blue silk dupioni ribbon with letterpress by Two Paper Dolls.

Accidentally took a photo of the floor during the show. Even the floor was glamorous complete with sparkling wine, gift bags, silver chairs and ribbon streamers.

Claire Pettibone S2013 Collection
This photo is from The Knotty Bride's coverage of the show. You simply must go check it out here. She has photos of every single look in the fashion show for you to see. The runway itself was covered in a carpet of over 100,000 pink rose petals. Not making that number up by the way. It was listed in the program credits! Petals were supplied by Petal Garden. Before you head over to The Knotty Bride to see all the dresses please check out this video below.

Have you ever wondered what the photographer section looks like at a major bridal fashion show like this? I took this video for you guys so I could share. I loved the sound of all the shutters from the cameras. Sounded actually quite soothing, akin to rain on a window. Enjoy!

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