Thursday, December 20, 2012


Today was really a great day. Spent it with beloved family, went sledding and cooked up a storm. Hoping all of you are also with loved ones, happy and healthy this holiday season. I am working on a pretty piece for New Years but I also wanted to share some of the newest additions to the Emici Bridal family with you now. Also, if you are in the market for a one of a kind piece you should really check out the sample sale going on right now in my Etsy store. Now to the new designs!

Emici Bridal blush headband
 Pretty little floral halo number that is one of a kind. Features dyed silk chiffon petals that cradle little pearl and rhinestone centers. I placed each flower on a double face velvet ribbon in the most gorgeous moss green color that is allowed by federal law. You can check it out here.

Emici Bridal lace bow
This antique chantilly lace bow headband, what can I say. I adore it. Side story to tell you about this lace. I often show things that I am creating to my mother because she loves to create just as much as I do. When I showed her this lace she began to get teary eyed and said it reminded her of the family. It was familiar to her in some way. This has never happened before. Of all the things that I have created. Just thought that was special enough to share with you here. 
These lace bows are layered with antique silk net and attached to a silk grosgrain ribbon. You can find them here.
 Emici Bridal open peony
Silk organza open peony flower. Simple but just enough to draw longing glances. A pretty take on a classic bridal favorite. Centered with a stunning rhinestone button for a little sparkle.

emici bridal blush double bloom
Another one of a kind piece. I am a girl that finds creating pretty pieces out of gorgeous materials I have collected along the way is a must do. Even though I don't have enough to create multiples of a piece doesn't stop me. The lure of the possibility is too much to bear. Ha, I regret nothing! This is created with dyed silk chiffon petals, rhinestone buttons and a hand dyed silk velvet leaf that is hand cut and pressed. No two leaves are exactly the same. Oh and don't forget about the double face velvet ribbon. Gorgeous and available here. For now that is. If you love it, please grab it!

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