Friday, December 28, 2012


We all have them.
2013 is getting ready to burst onto the scene and she has been working on that outfit forever. Everybody is preparing to catch the sparks that fly from the wings of her possibility. This is just the sort of piece that you would wear to a party like that. Pleated tulle tufts whisper out from underneath hand pressed silk velvet petals.

Silver rhinestone arches confront mediocrity with just a sparkled glance. Job well done rhinestone arches but do tell us about the beaded band on which you rest for it looks divine as well.

A one yard piece of very special ribbon forms the foundation of this headband. It is silver grosgrain with real silver threads woven through it. This creates the most delightful glints as it moves. Akin to those sparks of possibility I would say. A sheer beaded overlay of organza shows off glass beads, itty bitty sequins and rhinestones. You can find Sparks of Possibility here and here.

Let's roar into 2013 and catch some of those sparks to light our latest fires. xo

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